Composite Series BMI PP-S
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Composite Series BMI PP-S
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Level X Area X Time

Modular Design

Determination of the basic parameters based on the results of the user profile

  • Platform Design
  • Design and geometries
  • Features
  • Extensions
  • Standards and alternative protection packages
  • Interchangeable and scalable protection packages

Based on the individual target group profile we define a “platform design” in cooperation with you. Special requirements regarding the geometry are clarified in the step “Settings”. Individual Fittings and Integrations are covered in the next step. All adjustments to the geometry increase the wearing comfort and thus increase the wearing time. Only worn body protection can also protect. Extension of the protection area is specified in the “Supplementary Protection” step. Good design offers higher mobility.

Our “Modular Design Concept” consists of variable components in which the required protection level and the required protection area can be modularly adapted to the operating conditions. The objective is to extend the time frame in which the user is ready and/or able to wear the body protection.

The MKTEC CRC – series was developed to protect users of the Federal Police, Prisons, Customs, Public Order Offices, German Armed Forces and Military Police during operations from the risks of injuries caused by impact and/or stabbing. Certain operating conditions also require the body protection to be upgraded or modified with protective components against attacks with firearms.

Especially the patented hit and stab protection against sharp and pointed objects (e.g. knives, ice picks, joiner’s hammer, screwdrivers, axes etc.) and the patented CombiThreat solution (VPAM BSW SK1 + VPAM KDIW K3, D3, W5) are unrivalled.

All protection packages are modular and scalable to adjust the level of protection and the protected area to the operating conditions at any time. As a result we are able to increase the possible wearing time. All protection packages offer reliable protection in accordance with international standards without restricting the human body’s natural mobility.

Scalable Protection

Determination of the basic parameters based on the results of the user profile

  • Shock Absorption
  • Hit protection
  • Stab protection
  • Soft ballistic
  • MultiThreat
  • CombiThreat
  • Hard ballistic

Target group profile


  • Threat, Equipment
  • Objective, strategy, capabilities
  • Field of Application
  • Climatic conditions
  • Time of day
  • Duration
  • Typical threat situation